We started the day by going to Vasto. In this city we visited ancient architecture. In “musei Civici di Palazzo d’Avalos” we saw stunning landscape and portrait paintings. These paintings were painted by the same family which members stood out because of their innate talent. For example, 10-year-old’s paintings were impressively professional. After that we continued the journey by going to archeological park of the Roman spa. These pools were specific because of mosaics. We were told that in ancient times mosaics were black&white and it looked like it was moving in the water. Next stop was in Termoli: a city with beautiful landscapes. In Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Purificazione we were guided to see underground tombs. Also, we took a walk through the city. While we were eating famous Italian dessert called Gelato we were enjoying a wonderful view of the beach. For dinner we had a chance to try traditional dishes from all delegations. We, Lithuanians, presented šakotis (branch cake), ruginė duona (rye bread), obuolių sūris (apple cheese) and skilandis. Italians surprised us with live music, folk songs and an invitation to dance. Beautiful weather made this day even better.