The second day

We started our day with the workshops in groups where we had to negotiate the business idea and the steps to be followed to reach the destination- establishing the business.

What was a great help and at the same time interesting- we had a “Life Library” which means that we could obtain the advice, shared experience, encouragement from the business people who were invited for collaboration in the workshops. Personally me, I am very happy being provided with the opportunity to be involved in such activities, which make us more intelligent and business literate.

 Also, our homework was checked- each country had to prepare the presentation of the steps for establishing business in each country: what requirements, knowledge and steps cannot be skipped in order to be successful. Once again, one more positive experience.

As the saying is “Business before pleasures” very right into the place. After hard work, Traditional Day has started: presenting national food, tasting, discussing about it, dancing and singing and at the end…. Very large cake to finish the day in a sweet way 😉
@Paulina Davidonytė and @Ineta Petuchova