Day 5 Experience gained

Either we wanted it or not, the last day came and started with another practical task. This time, in the graphic design field. The same groups as yesterday had to create either a poster, a logo or a leaflet for Erasmus+ Better Professional Life in the given 3hour time span using Everyone nailed this task and that’s a fact! After the lunch break, the last stage of our program – the certificate ceremony – came. Of course, it wasn’t as noble as it would’ve been, if it had happened in contact, such a pity… Nevertheless, thank you, Turkish delegation, for managing to organize and pull off everything in these unique circumstances. And of course a BIG thank you goes out to our Lithuanian delegation and most importantly our teachers Ieva and Andrius, thank you for leading us all the way! I will most definitely remember this experience and these people my whole life. Lastly, thanks for reading and have a good day!

Written by Vaiva Vinskaitė