Have hopped into practise

Day 4

We all have been working in mixed international groups and together had to create a website on Wix.com. This process required the most effort out of the group leaders, because they had to share the screen and while discussing further steps actually create the site. I was one of the team leaders, so I strongly can say that the given time flew by. When all six groups presented their websites, I am genuinely proud and amazed of what students can do in 2,5hours while working virtually, in different parts of the world! After the lunch break the Turkish delegation introduced us to the most famous sites in Turkey. One of the sites was an archaeological site Gobekli Tepe. It was told that the scientists associate it with the Garden of Eden, that caught my attention. I fact-checked it and actually found that Gobekli Tepe fits neither the location nor the description of the Garden of Eden. That of course disappointed me a bit. The last activity was Kahoot, one was about Turkey and the other was about E-trade, our main theme. This day, I would say, was definetely the most entertaining, so thank you for that!

Written by Vaiva Vinskaitė