Combining theory with practice

Day 3
Today,like every other day, the program started at 10am. It was pleasure to listen to various lecturers sharing the ideas and providing students with the information  about e-trade and e-commerce:about the properties of a good product and brand, enjoyed the discussion about the Internet of Things, cloud computing, the whole digital revolution and data protection.  Then Kevin Murcko, who has a background in finance, essentially spoke on these topics more broadly.
I am personally not invested in these deep waters but it was entertaining even to me. After the break, the  website creation has been started on
The learning process, of course, would‘ve been more enjoyable, if we could‘ve had the mobility  face-to-face, but try ourselves in a such way is also experience.
Tomorrow we are going to move on to practise! Until tomorrow!

Written by Vaiva Vinskaitė