Exploring e-trade idea to be the most outstanding one

We started the day by meeting everyone on google meets platform same as yesterday. Today Lithuania, Romania and Poland clarified their knowledge about e-trade and represented amusing business ideas. Also, we came across some internet connection problems. Delegation from Italy had a lot of issues with their connection, which gets me thinking that online projects can’t give you similar enjoyment and it just makes you feel lost most of the time because you can’t hear coordinators or just other students. At the end of the meeting students from Turkey showed us Mr. Lebovits list about career improvement. It helped us understand that career is nothing without goals, socializing with colleagues, seeking satisfaction, taking risky opportunities. It is safe to say that after a second day of taking part in Erasmus+ activities online students are in need of human contact face to face.

written by Ema Urbonaite

Online platform SOMECO

Jobex – is an online platform where you can easily find a temporary simple job which can be done by anyone.

What is e-trading?