ERASMUS+ in a different way, but not stopped

Today, on November 23rd our “Better professional life” project started on google meets because of pandemic consequences. As sad as it is for our own safety we could not travel to Turkey and meet everyone. During our meet online Italy and Turkey represented their e-trade business ideas, which revealed the main needs of our generation. Also, students from Turkey made slides and showed us the most gorgeous places and buildings in Istanbul, which were spectacular but looking at photos does not give you the same pleasant feeling as being there and seeing everything yourself. Personally, I think the fact that we are not able to explore Istanbul in real life or even hug our friends from other delegations is really making all of us feel heartbroken. Honestly, today was a totally different experience from what we’ve had in the past. Erasmus+ was all about travelling and learning/trying new things, bonding with people while we are next to each other and not just connected trough the screen.

written by Ema Urbonaite