International experiences in the Implementation of successful Strategic Partnership (ERASMUS+) projects

I totally agree with the organizers (Olga Pileckienė, Mažeikiai Kalnėnai progymnasium, Lithuania and Lina Čepauskienė, Mažeikiai „Venta“ gymnasium, Lithuania)  that everything ends someday, but ERASMUS+ projects never, and  be a part of them.

On the 29th of June international conference gathered teachers from Finland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Lithuania to share ideas and spread good experiences of being a part of ERASMUS+ projects.  Among 10 presentations was the presentation about our project which I called ““If you want to have what you don’t have yet, do what you have never done before“.  The walls of the classroom let us enrich and boost our knowledge, but there is something we cannot obtain/ gain in the smartest cabinet and I would prefer to emphasize that ERASMUS+ projects (administrated by Education Exchanges Support Foundation in Lithuania) provides us with the possibility to build the bridge between cultures, tolerance, knowledge, skills, flexibility, collaboration and developing competencies while learning from each other and boosting our personal growth. I would like to “borrow” Bernard Show words „The human wisdom is not proportionate to their experience, but to the capacity to obtain it “. And ERASMUS+ is this opportunity for us, teachers, for our students, their parents and for our countries. Never stop putting the brick into building the bridge uniting us all.

Written by Ieva Ivanauskaitė accompanied with all project team